cost of elderly care

Tailored Pricing for Personalized Care Solutions

At Britannia Care, we understand that every individual’s care needs are unique, and our costing reflects our commitment to providing personalized and tailored care solutions. The cost of our services varies based on the specific requirements and preferences of our residents.

Factors Influencing Cost of care

  1. Accommodation: The type of accommodation chosen, whether it’s a luxurious single room or a shared space, contributes to the overall cost. We provide options to suit individual preferences and budget considerations.

  2. One-on-One Care: For those requiring one-on-one care, the cost may vary based on the level of personalized attention and support needed, ensuring residents with comorbidities receive the specialized care that addresses their unique health conditions.

  3. Additional Considerations:

    • Comorbidities: The presence of comorbidities is a crucial factor influencing the cost. Care plans are tailored to address specific health conditions, with pricing reflecting the complexity of medical management and support required.
    • Activities: Costs may be influenced by the choice and frequency of activities provided to residents, ensuring a vibrant and engaging lifestyle.
    • Medications: If medication management is part of the care plan, the cost will reflect the necessary pharmaceutical support.
    • Hospital Appointments: Assistance with scheduling and attending hospital appointments can be factored into the overall cost.
    • Hospital Care/Emergency Admission: In the event of hospital care or emergency admission, additional charges may apply to cover any necessary medical interventions.